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The goal of the GoI70 Peak Time Deals is to encourage travelers to avoid I-70 during the Saturday and Sunday peak travel times.
This is a free listing for businesses that meet the criteria below.

To be eligible, a Peak Time Deal must be:

  • Specific ONLY to Saturday and/or Sunday, some time 4:00 p.m. or later. (Even if this deal is available other days of the week/time of day, this listing must meet this specific day and timeframe.) OR be some kind of Sunday lodging special.  
  • For Clear Creek County businesses only, the deal could also be valid Saturday and/or Sunday Noon or earlier.
  • Businesses must be located in Clear Creek County, Eagle County, Gilpin County, Summit County, or the Winter Park area.
  • The deal must reference a specific discount. Alcohol drink specials cannot be listed.

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