November 9, 2017

Get Winter Ready!

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is gearing up to battle adverse conditions this winter and encouraging drivers to do the same. 

Maintenance crews are taking a number of steps in preparation for the next several months, including stocking ice removal products and making sure snow removal equipment is ready to keep the highways safe for travel.  Plow trucks will carry and distribute sand and salt to enhance tire adhesion and pre-wet roadways with liquid deicer for traction and effective ice-melting

“Just as we get ready for the winter months ahead, we’re recommending that drivers do the same, such as ensuring their vehicle is properly winterized, including making sure that they have adequate tread on their tires or have good snow tires,” said CDOT’s Division of Maintenance Director Kyle Lester.  “We’re also reminding the traveling public to give our plows plenty of room and not pass them on the right so they can safely clear the highway.” 

Get winter ready by preparing for mountain driving conditions, and understanding the Traction & Chain Laws!

Weekend Travel Forecast
The weather is expected to stay sunny and dry through Sunday, making this a great weekend for I-70 travel.  There will be several I-70 ski resorts open, but congestion should not be a factor this weekend.

Friday WB:  No congestion-related delays are anticipated.

Saturday WB:  No congestion-related delays are anticipated. 

Saturday EB:  No congestion-related delays are anticipated. 

Sunday EB:  No congestion-related delays are anticipated. 

*The Travel Forecast is based on historical data, along with an estimation of how weather, construction, public events and other factors might impact travel.