January 9, 2018

Car-Free Travel to the Slopes

Interstate 70 through the mountain corridor west of Denver was completed in the 1970s.  It has changed very little, yet Colorado’s population has increased by 75% since that time.  I-70 is constrained by geography, and large scale improvements are constrained by our state’s limited transportation budget.  And the volume of traffic through this corridor continues to increase year over year.

The I-70 Coalition sees transit as a key component of the long term solution for the mountain corridor.  The organization actively encourages, supports and promotes services that will reduce the number of vehicles traveling the corridor, especially on winter and summer weekends.

The Mountain Transit section of this website lists the many options available for skiers and riders to travel to and around the mountains without their personal vehicle.   The I-70 Coalition recognizes services such as these as an important part of the equation as we look to reduce traffic congestion on the I-70 mountain corridor.