Jan 30, 2018

Getting up to Breckenridge without a personal car is easier than ever. Take an airport shuttle, Greyhound or the Bustang to Breckenridge and use the transit system with ease thanks to a new app, “My Free Ride,” showing real time locations of buses and easy to use trip planning. Or, if you like the freedom of a car in the mountains, utilize Breckenridge’s Zip Car service. ZipCar is a great resource for those looking to make quick trips around town. With locations at South F Lot, Stephen C. West Ice Arena, the Public Works building, East Sawmill Lot, and the Exchange Parking Structure, there is easy access to a ZipCar all across town. With I-70 compliant tires, you’ll have a safe and easy ride going to and from places like Main Street, your hotel, or the grocery store. The ZipCar in Breckenridge is used by locals looking for a second vehicle into town, employees who want to take quick trips, and visitors who want the ease of having a car in town without the stress of driving on I-70. 

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