Jul 2, 2019 -- Posted by : goi70

This year’s 4th of July falls on a Thursday, and the AAA estimates a bump in traffic. It is being reported there will be an additional 1.9 million travelers on the road from 7/3 to 7/7 than were recorded last year – bringing the total number of expected travelers to over 41 million. For best results, use these key resources when planning your trip this weekend 

-Travel at off peak times!  Learn the best and worst times to travel before you hit the road at www.GoI70.com/travel   

-Look before you drive!  Check the real time road info at Cotrip.org before you jump on I-70.

-Stay later into the day and take advantage of a great deal on dining, shopping and activities.  Click www.GoI70.com/deals to see all of your options!  

Weather could be warm, sunny, and clear, making this a perfect Colorado weekend. To avoid frustration on the roads, plan for extra travel time, follow our travel forecast, and check travel conditions to learn more about what is happening on the road before you go!


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