Colorado State Patrol Troopers Prepare for Chain Law Season

Dec 12, 2023 -- Posted by : goi70


Each fall and spring, Colorado State Patrol (CSP) Troopers based along the I-70 Mountain Corridor ensure commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) are prepared for Colorado’s Chain Law, which requires all CMVs traveling along I-70 between Golden (Mile Point 259) and Dotsero (Mile Point 133) to have chains or approved alternate traction devices from Sept. 1 through May 31. To encourage compliance, CSP Troopers hold education and enforcement periods. For the first two weeks of September, education takes place to re-acclimate professional drivers with the requirement. This is followed by heightened enforcement, which occurs through the end of October. Nearly 2,500 trucks were checked and Troopers found a 65 percent chain law compliance rate.

The goal of these education and enforcement periods is to ultimately reduce the number of I-70 closures that occur due to chcmv chain up vms.pngain law violations. Fall and spring are seasons when snowstorms are more unpredictable for forecasters and drivers. During the fall, CSP Troopers take the opportunity to remind drivers that snow is coming and give everyone a chance to be compliant before big winter storms hit the mountain passes. In the spring, Troopers enforcement efforts are focused on reminding drivers that we are not clear of winter weather along the I-70 mountain corridor. Being educated and prepared for what the road holds ahead helps to keep I-70 open and safe for others.



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