It is the I-70 Coalition’s mission to enhance to ease of mobility in the I-70 Central Mountain Corridor through the implementation of joint public and private transportation management and development efforts. In addition to this goi70.com website, we have a broad role that includes research, advocacy, planning and facilitation.

Recently, we sponsored an I-70 User Study, conducted by RRC Associates of Boulder. This study’s goal was to help us understand the motivations and travel habits of frequent I-70 users so we could apply this information to our ongoing efforts aimed at encouraging transit use, carpooling, off-peak travel, and additional congestion reduction opportunities. Data was gathered using an online panel survey of skiers and snowboarders, as well as an intercept survey at the CDOT Wooly Mammoth and T-Rex park and rides in Golden. This study mirrored similar efforts performed in 2012, 2014, and 2017.

One of the most meaningful findings from this year’s study was that skiers and snowboarders are increasingly choosing to make fewer trips to the mountains due to congestion. 67% of respondents are taking fewer trips – this includes 62% of passholders, and 78% of those who ski less than five days a season.

The study found that 95% of respondents take active efforts to avoid peak traffic. The most common strategies that respondents use are staying overnight, arriving at resorts early (prior to opening), and avoiding weekend skiing all together. The I-70 Coalition strongly encourages and incentivizes these ‘off-peak travel’ strategies by providing our Peak Time Deals and weekly Travel Forecasts. Linking with this, it was found that 79% of frequent skiers reported that they use information sources like Cotrip.org or Goi70.com travel forecast, when planning their mountain travel.

 The User Study also reveals sharp increases in carpooling. The most commonly cited reasons for carpooling included saving money on gas, ‘social/fun/networking’ benefit, to reduce environmental impact, to save money on resort parking, and to help address traffic congestion.

We praise and appreciate all efforts that get cars off the road and encourage you to carpool, ride transit, or travel off-peak as often as possible. Improving I-70 congestion is a long-term project, and this winter we hope to be rolling out some great new travel options. Be on the look-out for updates!




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