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Nationwide, more than 37 million Americans are expected to travel this weekend, between May 27 and May 31. In Denver, DIA is projecting 324 thousand travelers this weekend – the most since prior to the pandemic, and up 379% from 2020. In terms of roadway travel – while delays are not yet significant, Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer traffic. “Holidays tend to mean more traffic and can unfortunately mean an uptick in tragic accidents,” said Shoshana Lew, the executive director of CDOT. “Please remember to buckle up, avoid distractions, and use extra caution when traveling in work zones.” During this holiday weekend in 2019, more than 159 thousand vehicles traveled through the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel. Because of this, CDOT will be suspending all I-70 construction and maintenance projects beginning at noon on Friday and running through Tuesday.  

In addition to this, the Colorado State Patrol in conjunction with CDOT and local law enforcement will join forces to undergo a DUI enforcement period, aiming to remind Coloradans to celebrate responsibly over the holiday weekend and throughout the summer. The State is putting an extra emphasis on this effort as bars and restaurants continue to reopen. DUIs can cost upwards or $14,000 in fines and fees, and have enormous consequences. “In Colorado, first-time convictions of DUI’s include license revocation for nine months, a fine, public service requirements, and possible jail time. The penalties are high because DUI is a criminal charge, not a minor traffic violation,” said Chief Matthew Packard, Colorado State Patrol. “The choice to drive impaired threatens your life and the lives of those around you. Make a plan before the party begins, so you never drive impaired.”

Please stay safe and sober on the roadways, and always plan ahead. While traffic is not anticipated to be at its worst, all drivers (for their own benefit) are still encouraged to travel at off-peak times. Use our Memorial Day Weekend Travel Forecast, and check out to know before you go!


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