New Law Enables Fines for Misuse of the I-70 Mountain Express Lanes

Apr 18, 2022 -- Posted by : goi70

In March 2022, Gov. Jared Polis signed House Bill 22-1074, which allows the Colorado Department of Transportation to issue fines to drivers using the I-70 Mountain Express Lanes in Clear Creek County unlawfully when they are closed. State data indicates that nearly 50,000 motorists used the eastbound I-70 Mountain Express Lane illegally in 2020.

The I-70 Mountain Express Lanes were designed to be peak period shoulder lanesWB I-70 MEXL_web resized (1).jpg, which are shoulders that have special striping and become available for use as a travel lane during high volume traffic on the corridor. They are typically available for use as a travel lane on the weekends and major holidays when traffic volumes are at their highest. When they are closed during lower volume times, they act as shoulder for emergency use. Because of this, it is very dangerous to use the Mountain Express Lanes while they are closed–there is a big risk of running into a stopped vehicle on the shoulder.

CDOT will be able to monitor misuse of the I-70 Mountain Express Lanes, which span between Empire and Idaho Springs, through the same cameras used to collect tolls.


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