Prepare for I-70 winter driving with AutoSock

Nov 13, 2023 -- Posted by : goi70


A leading cause of crashes and closures on the I-70 mountain corridor during winter is vehicles with poor traction. While it's critical to make sure your tires have adequate traction and tread depth, if your tires don't meet the requirements of Colorado’s Passenger Traction Law, the AutoSock is a great option that does comply with that law. The AutoSock is an easy-to-use cover designed to help vehicles get traction on snow and ice. See it in action here.

Made of textile, it is pulled over the driving wheels of vehicles when extra grip is needed in winter conditions. AutoSock takes three minutes to install – even on vehicles with low clearance. The textile is damage-free to alloy rims and there are sizes that fit nearly every tire dimension. When not in use, the lightweight and compact product can be easily stored year round in the trunk.

Visit the AutoSock website to learn more about the correct size for your vehicle and convenient dealer locations close to I-70!


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