Sun Glare Safety Closures Start Sunday, Nov. 5

Nov 2, 2023 -- Posted by : goi70

Beginning Sunday, Nov. 5, when daylight savings ends, the sun’s angle in combination with inclining hills along I-70 at Floyd Hill can create a blinding sun glare for drivers traveling on eastbound I-70 in the early morning hours. The glare occurs annually during the fall and winter months, usually November through February, and can occur as far east as Genesee beginning around sunrise. Because of this, it is sometimes necessary to close eastbound I-70 in the early morning hours to ensure driver safety. The I-70 Floyd Hill Project design team considered the sun glare issue when designing the project but there’s not a practical design solution to resolve the glare caused by the sun's angle during .png

Between November and February, sun glare safety closures can occur on eastbound I-70 between 6:30 and 8:30 a.m. from about US 6 (mile point 244) to Beaver Brook (mile point 248), and last 45 minutes to an hour depending on conditions. 

During a safety closure, traffic headed eastbound on I-70 will be rerouted at US 6, at the bottom of Floyd Hill. Motorists can either stay the course on US 6 through Clear Creek Canyon, or they can take the eastbound I-70 frontage road (US 40) and get back onto I-70 at Beaver Brook. Truckers should be aware, there are height restrictions in the tunnels along US 6 Clear Creek Canyon, therefore no vehicles over 12-feet, 7-inches can travel this route. Drivers who use US 40 for the detour route should also be aware of the work zone for the US 40 Roundabouts project – although active work won’t be happening during the sun glare safety closures please drive with extra caution along this route.  

When these conditions occur, CDOT provides advance notification messages on its electronic sign boards along eastbound I-70 prior to Floyd Hill, alerting motorists of the sun glare and to anticipate slower speeds or a closure. Please pay attention to the message boards beginning just east of the Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel.

Additionally, drivers can check the latest travel alerts by going to and also sign up for customized text and email alerts for the I-70 mountain corridor to receive advance notification. 

Check out CDOT’s sun glare safety web page with tips on how to be prepared and drive safely during the early morning hours on eastbound I-70.


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