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With continuously warm weather forecasts on the Front Range, it’s hard to imagine potential snowfall in Colorado’s high country, though September snowfall at higher elevations is not that unlikely! “Whether a tractor trailer or a four-door sedan, snow and ice conditions impact your drive,” stated Matthew C. Packard, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “If carrying chains or checking your tire tread seems like a hassle, imagine the inconvenience of being unable to climb up a pass or come to stop on the other side, causing a crash.”

Colorado's Traction Law is now in effect! Each year from September 1 to May 31, the traction law is active at ALL TIME (sun or snow). To be in accordance, all drivers on I-70 must comply with one of the three following:

  • 1: AWD/4WD vehicle AND required minimum tread depth of 3/16"


  • 2: 2WD vehicle AND M+S designated tires OR Winter designated tires OR All-Weather designated tires AND required minimum tread depth of 3/16"


  • 3: 2WD vehicle (without M+S/Winter/All-Weather tires) AND alternative traction device (like chains or an AutoSock, etc.)

For those who have paid close attention to previous iterations of the law, fall 2019's update changed required tread depth from 2/16" to 3/16" for all tires. Failure to drive with the proper combination of vehicle type, tire type, tread depth, and/or traction device listed above will result in fines that can range from $130 all the way up to $650 (with highest fines being imposed for vehicles that spin out and block the road due to lack of appropriate tires). And yes, it is possible to be ticketed for non-compliance on a sunny September afternoons!

As fellow I-70 drivers, skiers, and Colorado residents, it is important that we adhere to these new traction laws to help prevent unnecessary collisions and further traffic delays. Have any spare quarters lying around? Check your tire tread and make sure that you’re set for the season. Spread the word and make sure that friends and family know about these regulations as well!


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