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Buckle up, fellow travelers! You can easily get from Denver to some of the nation’s most scenic mountain towns using regional transit, like Bustang, Pegasus and Snowstang. But what do you do once you arrive? 

From charming towns to majestic ski resorts offering year-round activities, local bus services are available to make your trip easy, convenient and car-free. Grab your sense of adventure and hop on board to discover the multitude of ways to travel in Colorado’s mountains.

  1. Summit Stage: All Aboard the Free Train!

Hop on Summit Stage, the zippy and FREE bus service that'll take you to all the cool spots in Summit County. With its convenient routes and schedules, you'll feel like a local in no time. Plus, it's FREE—meaning more cash in your pocket for mountain drinks, treats and shopping!

  1. Breck Free Ride: Where Breckenridge Becomes Your Playground!

Hold on tight, folks, because Breck Free Ride is about to whisk you away to the adventures of a lifetime! This FREE shuttle service is the key to unlocking the wonders of Breckenridge. Whether you're hitting the mountain, shopping 'til you drop, or simply basking in the town's vibrant atmosphere, Breck Free Ride has you covered—no car required. It's like having your own personal chauffeur, minus the fancy hat!

  1. ECO Transit: Vail/Eagle - Because Traveling Should be ECO-nomical!

Hey, eco-warriors! ECO Transit is here to help you save the planet, one bus ride at a time. Cruise through Vail and Eagle, and explore the wonders of the region. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the breathtaking views, knowing that you're reducing your carbon footprint while having a blast. It's like a sightseeing tour with Mother Nature as your co-pilot!

  1. Vail Bus Service: Free Wheels for Explorers!

Calling all adventurers, foodies, and shopping enthusiasts! The Vail Bus Service is here to whisk you away to a world of pure bliss. This FREE shuttle service will transport you seamlessly through the town, from the slopes to the hippest hangouts. So hop on board and let the Vail Bus Service be your magic carpet ride to excitement and fun. Who needs a pumpkin when you've got a free shuttle?

  1. Avon Town & Skier Bus Service: Free-wheeling Fun for Everyone!

Avon is calling, and the Avon Town & Skier Bus Service is ready to answer the call! This FREE bus service connects neighborhoods, ski resorts, and all the hidden gems in between. It's like a treasure hunt on wheels, with Avon as your ultimate prize. So grab your map, your sense of adventure, and hop aboard the Avon Bus Service—it's time to discover the secret side of this charming town!

  1. Beaver Creek Resort Shuttle: Your Royal Ride Awaits!

Calling all kings and queens of ski towns! The Beaver Creek Resort Shuttle is a crown jewel of local transportation options. This regal shuttle service will whisk you away to the scenic kingdom of Beaver Creek with the grace and elegance of a swan. Plus, it's FREE, so you can save your hard-earned cash for delights fit for royalty. Bow down to the Beaver Creek Resort Shuttle!

  1. The Lift: Your Mountain Wonderland Chariot!

Winter Park and Fraser Valley are your playgrounds, and The Lift is your trusty steed ready to take you on a magical journey! This FREE transit system ensures that you won't miss a single moment of mountain excitement. Whether you're hitting the mountain in summer or winter, exploring the charming towns, or indulging in delicious mountain treats, The Lift will take you where you need to go. So hop on board and let the enchantment of Winter Park and Fraser Valley unfold before your eyes!

8.     The Roundabout: Explore the Enchanting Mountain Communities Closest to Denver

One of the shining stars of local transit is The Roundabout, a FREE bus service that will whisk you away to the enchanting mountain communities nestled within. Prepare to embark on a whimsical journey as The Roundabout takes you through Bergen Park, Idaho Springs, Dumont, Lawson, Empire, Georgetown, and Silver Plume. Enjoy the scenic vistas, historic landmarks, and vibrant local culture as you hop on and off this charming transit experience.



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