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In 2021, Coloradans were given another choice in how to travel around the state when TreadShare – Colorado’s carpool app – launched. Since then, TreadShare has facilitated more than 200 rides, which helped travelers save money on gas and reduced carbon emissions. TreadShare recently updated the app and launched new features, making it easier than ever to create a carpool.

How to use the app

First, download the app via your Apple or Google device. Open the app and create an account. You can set up a profile to be a driver, rider or both. From there, you can start booking or offering trips!

About the new features

Price scaling: This gives drivers more flexibility for what they charge for a ride, and passengers can now negotiate on cost with a driver.

Multiple stops: Drivers can now add stops along the way so passengers can only reserve and pay for the portion of the route they need. 

Repeat a drive: When posting a new drive, drivers can choose to repeat a previous drive and autofill fields, making it easy to post recurrent trips to the gym, work or their favorite ski resort!

Benefits to carpooling

Save money: Owning a vehicle is expensive. Between gas, regular maintenance, insurance, loans and parking fees, costs add up quickly, especially if you head up to the mountains regularly to ski, snowboard, hike or bike. Grabbing a ride from someone who’s already heading in the same direction allows you to split the costs!

Make friends: Satellite radio and podcasts can keep us entertained during a drive, but isn’t it better to hang out and chat with people who are just as psyched as you are to get to where you’re going? With TreadShare you can meet new, interesting people who enjoy the same activities as you.

Decrease traffic: Reducing empty seats in vehicles makes a huge difference when it comes to decreasing traffic on Colorado roadways. Bonus, you get to use the carpool lanes and breeze past the folks in the general purpose lanes!

Decrease pollution: Let’s protect the unparalleled beauty of the Colorado mountains by reducing our carbon emissions. There is no easier way to do it than jumping into a carpool!

Reduce stress: Not everyone is comfortable driving in winter weather. Maybe your car doesn’t have the right equipment to handle the conditions. Leave your car at home and leave the driving to someone else! 

Go to your App Store and download TreadShare today!


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