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Rest Areas are an essential asset to Colorado’s traveling public. In 2016, CDOT began a process to inventory the quality and improvement needs of Rest Areas statewide. In accordance with this study, and after many years of heavy use and decades of rising traveler volumes on I-70, the Rest Area near Vail Pass is finally due for some upgrades. Currently, CDOT is undergoing the early design process aimed at the Vail Pass Rest Area’s much needed improvements. The new Vail Pass Rest Area Replacement Project will develop a new and improved Rest Area that will have increased restroom capacity, an updated drinking water treatment system (in accordance with recently updated health department criteria), more expansive parking capacity, and improved traffic circulation, accessibility, and safety. Additionally, improvements will be made that will promote better connectivity with nearby recreational sites such as groomed winter trails, and the Vail Pass Recreation Pass.

As part of this project’s design process, CDOT will be hosting a virtual public engagement period on their website, that includes a PDF presentation of the proposed Rest Area site. This public engagement process is taking place virtually in lieu of typical in-person events, due to continued COVID-19 limitations, however all project materials are linked here. Throughout this process, CDOT will document, record, and review all public comments made on the project. While a surveying process recently ended, CDOT encourages all comments go to the project’s Team Representative, Hope Wright who can be reached at 720-237-6173 or


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